What is Nutritional Therapy?

Applying the science of nutrition, Nutritional Therapy makes use of the therapeutic properties of foods to provide a strategy for health.  As well as addressing nutritional imbalances that may have developed over time, it can help you to understand how your food and lifestyle choices could be contributing to certain symptoms.

With this insight the aim is to support and encourage the body’s natural capacity to heal itself and optimise the individual’s health and wellbeing through dietary and lifestyle modifications.

My approach involves revitalising my clients’ enjoyment of food, by offering them an insight into how their health and wellbeing could flourish, when they make a commitment to choose a nutritious diet and a healthful lifestyle.

Typical priorities are: dietary and lifestyle changes that support energy levels, healthy blood sugar balance, emotional wellbeing, optimum digestive health and tolerance to a wide spectrum of foods.

Bear in mind that Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  I will always refer clients to their GP if there are signs and symptoms that are considered a cause for concern. However, it is possible to integrate Nutritional Therapy as part of your overall health plan and I will work alongside the other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

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