Five energy-boosting tips

…to help you Thrive

Has the enforced hibernation caused by this recent polar weather left you feeling sluggish?
Are your energy levels sapped from the effort of trying to merely remain upright on the icy pavements?
The cold weather conditions can have an impact on our energy levels; the body uses energy in order to maintain its normal body temperature, living and working in centrally-heated environments can mean we become dehydrated leading to symptoms of low energy and concentration and we can find ourselves reaching for stodgy, starchy comfort foods to improve our mood.
So here are your ‘Five to Thrive’ energy-boosting tips to help you face whatever the British weather throws at us next

  1. Water – Staying well hydrated is crucial to maintaining energy levels because our body needs water to function properly. Without adequate hydration the body’s processes slow down which can be at the root of symptoms such as lack of energy and poor concentration. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
  2. Breakfast – Try to eat a good protein-rich breakfast, such as 2 poached eggs and a slice of bacon or griddled tomatoes. This should provide the fuel your body needs to kick start the day and maintain your energy reserves.
  3. Snacks – Aim to keep your energy levels topped up with sensible snacking mid-morning and mid-afternoon; snacks containing a slow-release carbohydrate and protein source, such as fruit with a handful of nuts and seeds or oatcakes with peanut butter should curb those hunger pangs and keep you going until the next meal.
  4. Fresh vegetables and fruit – When the weather is cold eating fresh vegetables and fruit seems less inviting than biscuits and cake however the body requires certain vitamins and minerals in order to unlock the energy from the food you eat. Many of these essential nutrients are readily available in vegetables and fruit (the same can’t be said for biscuits and cakes!). So give your body what it requires by eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit daily.
  5. Fresh air – Wrap up warm and head outside. Fresh air and gentle exercise, such as walking or cycling are great for energising the body, getting a sluggish metabolism moving again and generally lifting your mood.

Make now your time to Thrive!
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