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What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy applies the science of human nutrition to support the promotion and maintenance of health and vitality through all the various life stages.

What conditions could Nutritional Therapy support?

Nutritional Therapy can support a wide variety of health issues such as weight management, digestive issues, female health issues, managing energy and stress levels, promoting healthy aging. Contact me to talk about how NT might benefit you.

What does a consultation involve?

Typically the consultation will focus on the individual health goals, looking into health history, family health history, dietary and lifestyle habits. Before the consultation I will send you a questionnaire including a food diary to complete. Completed questionnaires and food diaries need to be returned to me at least 2 working days before your appointment to allow time to evaluate the information. Discussion during the consultation will focus on the health goals identified and I will explain how current dietary and lifestyle habits may be affecting symptoms. Finally, we will agree a health plan which aims to address your symptoms and put you on the right track to a healthful future.

How many appointments will I need?

All individuals vary greatly in their response to nutritional therapy depending on their current condition and level of compliance. It is important to understand that Nutritional therapy is not considered a quick fix, so the number of appointments will depend on each individual’s health issues and their commitment and compliance to their personalised health plan. I always recommend that clients return for a follow-up appointment after their initial consultations; on average clients attend 3 follow-up appointments.

How does the Diet MOT differ from a full Consultation?

The Diet MOT is targeted at those who are seeking some additional ‘tweaks’ to their already healthy dietary and lifestyle choices or reassurance that they are striking the right balance in their everyday eating habits. It is typically aimed at those generally in good health and not taking any long term medication.

Where do you carry out consultations?

Please see the Locations page for details of current clinic locations.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

I understand that life can be unpredictable, so if you have to cancel an appointment I would be grateful if you would give me 24hours notice, if this is not possible then a charge equivalent to 25% of the price of the appointment will be incurred.

Is it safe for me to use nutritional therapy whilst I am taking prescription medicines?

Nutritional therapists are trained to understand the interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and nutrients therefore the recommendations included within the health plan will be designed to fit with your current medical prescription. Full disclosure of current medications is requested in the questionnaire completed prior to the consultation. It is important to recognise that Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice. I shall always recommend that clients inform their GP about their visit and use of nutritional therapy.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by cash or cheque, payment is due at the end of the consultation. A reduced fee deal is available when an initial consultation plus a follow-up are purchased together. See Appointments page for current package deals.

Will you recommend supplements?

I will always prioritise food and lifestyle modifications before recommending supplements however in certain circumstances dependent on the individual’s current condition supplements may help promote progress. It should be noted that the cost of any recommended supplements is additional to the cost of the consultation. I can place orders for the recommended supplements on your behalf for delivery to your home direct from my preferred suppliers. Supplements are supplied at retail price plus p&p with a small trade profit to cover admin costs.

Will you recommend testing?

In some cases non-invasive functional testing can prove very useful in order to determine the direction of the therapy or to assess progress however this route will only be taken with your full agreement. It should be noted that tests undertaken by private laboratories are charged at an additional cost however some types of testing can be undertaken by your GP on request.

How difficult will it be for me to follow the health plan?

Nutritional Therapy usually requires some level of dietary or lifestyle modification. I will work with you to make recommendations that fit in with your lifestyle and budget nevertheless managing any behaviour change in any area of life requires a degree of individual commitment and compliance.

What if I have any queries or concerns after my consultation?

Concerns or queries about any areas of the agreed health plan including supplementation and time frames should be highlighted promptly for clarification. I aim to offer support and guidance during the process via telephone or email for a specified period after each appointment.

Is my personal information kept private and confidential?

I will keep all information confidential and secure in accordance with the UK data protection law.

What is the difference between a nutritional therapist and a dietician?

Dieticians work in a variety of settings, from the NHS to education, publishing, sport and in government roles. Their expertise can be applied on a one to one basis to treat diagnosed conditions such as diabetes, cancer or kidney disease or on a wider scale to inform the general public about food and health policy or educating health professionals about nutrition. They are statutorily regulated by the Health Professional Council. Nutritional therapists typically work in private practice seeing individuals on a one to one basis to focus on optimising health or helping to manage symptoms associated with chronic disease. Nutritional therapists take into account that every person is unique and has an individual set of dietary requirements as a consequence of factors such as current and past diet and lifestyle choices plus genetic predisposition. The profession is voluntarily regulated by BANT (British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapists) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) which have their own Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure to which all registered Nutritional Therapists must comply.

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