5 Tips for a healthier Christmas


Eat, drink & be Healthy!  Did you know that on average we gain between 1-3kg during the festive season?  Imagine ending the holiday season minus the gift of an extra few kilos. Here’s 5 tips to help you stay on the right side of healthy this Christmas.

  1. Party pre-load!  – having a nutrient-packed snack, like ½ an avocado or oatcakes & nut butter,  before heading out to your Christmas party could keep hunger pangs at bay avoiding over-doing the party food.

  2. Not so naughty nibbles – For Christmas guests who need to nibble try offering healthier choices like home-made hummus &  fresh vegetable sticks; Freshly popped popcorn, mixed nuts & seeds or Spicy Tomato Salsa & Avocado Guacamole (Recipe below)

  3. Ditch the duck-fat ‘Roasties’– Yes, really! Why not serve delicious seasonal root veggies, like parsnip, squash & celeriac roasted in coconut oil with garlic & rosemary to accompany your Christmas bird this year? It might even become a family tradition!

  4. Only the best is good enough! – Let’s face it we all love a little bit of chocolate, especially at this time of year, so if you must indulge then choose the darkest Dark chocolate & the very best quality that money can buy. You are worth it & it’s healthier too!

  5. Raise your glass! – As you celebrate the season with a few glasses of sparkling Champagne, rich red claret or  sweet dessert wine spare a thought for your internal ‘garden’ – swap the odd alcoholic ‘tipple’ for a refreshing & hydrating glass of lemon-laced water or a digestion-soothing herbal tea, like ginger or fennel to avoid too many ‘mornings after!’.

 Wishing you all a happy, healthy Christmas & New Year!

  Spicy Tomato Salsa: De-seed & finely chop 3 ripe medium-sized tomatoes; finely chop ½ a red onion, ½ green pepper & ½ red chilli (de-seeded); place in a bowl. Add a large handful of freshly chopped coriander, juice from ½ a lime, a generous glug of olive oil & season to taste; Mix the ingredients thoroughly & serve with vegetable sticks or tortilla chips.

Avocado guacamole: Scoop out the flesh from 2 ripe avocados into a food processor; add juice of 1 lime, large handful of roughly chopped coriander, a few hefty shakes of tabasco sauce or a freshly chopped chilli & a couple of tablespoons of water; Blitz until you have a smooth texture, adding more water or olive oil to loosen the mixture if necessary. Season to taste & serve alongside the Spicy Tomato Salsa.


crafted by peajaykay • thrive nutrition Ts & Cs