Welcome to Thrive Nutrition. I’m Pippa Carey, a Nutritional Therapist, based in Oxfordshire providing personalised health strategies that offer an insight into how changes to your diet could optimise your health.

Food is the fuel our body needs to survive. What, when, how and how much we eat can have a profound impact on the way our body functions and maintains itself.

Nutritional Therapy’s approach promotes the right balance of nutrient-rich foods, aiming to build a strong foundation that encourages your body‘s natural ability to protect and heal itself, keep you at your peak and allow you to thrive.

My aim is to work with you in addressing your individual requirements through recommendations that you can fit around your busy everyday life and which will ultimately feel like second nature.

I specialise in women’s health.  Women very often experience more frequent health issues than men which could be due partly to physical and psychological differences, such as hormonal fluctuations or the ability to become pregnant and give birth.

Email me at or call on 07941 260427 for more details or to chat about how Thrive Nutrition could help you.

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